About the group

It all began in 1990, when the folk band was estabilished. Founders ot the group were Roman Capek, his father - Pawol Capek from Skalite and uncle Gustaw Gomola from Cierne. After short period of time the group was jointed by uncle Miroslaw Capek and masters of folk instrument (called heligonka) Pawel Kopas, Karol Reway, Jan Bazger from Cadca and Jozef Markuliak from Oscadnica. It also happened that the group was jointed bz two lovely girls : Veronika Rokyrakova from Svrcinovec and Janka Surikova from Skalite. In the folk band there are also Roman's best students - siblings Kopác from Oscadnica: Sonia, Simona and their brother Stefan. Since 2002 one of the founder's son - marian Gomola from Cierne plays in band, as a guest. The folk band presents folk songs not from its region but also from Kysuce, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland. The band is known for its music, telling amusing folk stories and jokes. Currently the band is popular not only in Slovakia, where it comes from, but also it performs in Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Austria and many others.

Their first CD "Capkovci i ich hostia 1" (Capkovci and their guests) presents the most popular songs from Slovakia and Czech Republic. The CD was recordered in Golec Fabryka Studio in Lodygowice, at their friend Lukasz Golec."(www.golec.pl)

Members of the band :
Roman Romek Capek - heligonka, vocals
Pavol Capek - ozembuch, vocals
Gustav Gomora - heligónka, vocals
Karol Revay - heligónka, vocals
Ján Bazger - heligónka, vocals
Soňa, Simona a Štefan Kopačovci - heligónky, vocals